Made with a special tree sap!

The Mayan people from the other side of the earth have been chewing gum made of tree sap for thousands of years.

Chewing Gud Gum is not only better for the planet & you, but also helps run livelihoods of tribal farmers who harvest this tree sap.

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Plastic-Free & Biodegradable

Not just the gum, even our paper packaging is 100% biodegradable. It takes the gum 5-6 months to completely biodegrade in soil.


Gud Gum is 100% plant based.

Sugar Free

Gud Gum is sugar free. It has natural sweeteners like Xylitol & Stevia. Each gum is just around 1 calorie.

All Natural Ingredients

Gud Gum is made with 100% natural ingredients. Unlike the regular chewing gums which are made of all artificial colours, flavours & sweeteners.

Gluten & Allergen Free

Gud Gum doesn't contain any gluten & is completely allergen free.

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