• Vegan

  • Biodegradable

  • Plastic Free

  • Sugar-free

  • 100% Natural

India's first plastic-free chewing gum!

Don’t go by the looks of it. The plastic problem that a chewing gum poses is not as TINY as it looks.

Here’s why Gud Gum is different & why you should make the switch.

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  • Prachi Agarwal, Delhi

    "I love that I can now go back to chewing gum knowing I'm not consuming something bad for my health while also helping reduce my plastic use as well. Truly a wonderful product, thank you!!"

  • Saneeya Singh, Bhubaneshwar

    "It took me a while to find alternative gum with clean ingredients and good chewability(if you know you know!). I had to resort to good quality gum from the US until drumroll I found out about Gud Gum- A homegrown company making my life better and cleaner 1 pop at a time!"

  • Karan Singh, Chandigarh

    Your Raspberry chewing gum was so tasty, my girlfriend finished all of them in a single day!