Being curious is Gud!

Here are the questions that our users ask us the most!

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What do we mean when we say "plastic-free" chewing gum?

If you see 'synthetic gum base' written in the ingredient list of regular chewing gums, that potentially is just low quality plastic. Made with the same ingredients as tyres & glue. To keep you away from such awful gum, we made India's first chewing gum with the sap of a special tree. And not just that, we have also stayed away from any artificial stuff in Gud Gum. The colours, flavours and every other ingredient in Gud Gum is natural. Definitely one of a kind in the chewing gum space. 

Does Gud Gum taste like the regular chewing gums?

Gud Gum tastes amazing. Despite not using any artificial sweeteners and flavours that give you a boost of aroma in the first few seconds in the regular chewing gum, our flavours are strong enough and last quite long. Lemon is a burst of freshness, the raspberry and strawberry are tart & fruity while the mint charcoal chewing gum is strong due to the peppermint oil that we use!The texture of Gud Gum is better than the best of the regular chewing gums. That's the gift of mother nature. 

Is Gud Gum Vegan?

Yes, Gud Gum is completely plant based and suitable for Vegans. Moreover, it is allergen free and devoid of ingredients like- nuts, soy, wheat (gluten), eggs etc. It is kid-friendly and anti-cavity because it contains dentist recommended- Xylitol.

What does Natural Flavour mean?

Natural flavours are extracts of the high quality fruit or spice. Yes, we know they don't sound very natural but you need to trust us when we say they are! 

Is Xylitol natural?

Yes, Xylitol is plant-based and 100% natural. It has a lot of dental health improving properties and is also low on calories. 

Why doesn't every piece of Gud Gum look the same?

Since we don't use any artificial coating agents & colours, our chewing gum has a colour resemblance to it's raw material- the chicle tree sap itself. Moreover, most of the Gud Gum is still handmade and hence there is a minute difference in the look of every piece.

How do we contact the team for any interesting conversations?

We are always available to have a conversation with our users & prospective users. You can reach us on or call us on +91-9900043427

Can we blow bubbles with Gud Gum?

Yes, you can blow bubbles with Gud Gum. But it completely depends on your skills. We'd recommend you to pop 2-3 chewing gums into your mouth before trying to blow a bubble- the more the merrier.

Why are there wet patches on the Gud Gum Paper box packaging? Is the Gum still safe to chew?

Our gums are completely natural & our packaging is plastic-free. In humid conditions our gums tend to sweat, and this causes the patches on the box. But you don't have to worry- the gums are still completely safe to eat!

Why do the gums stick to each other sometimes?

Gud Gums are natural, and we use rice flour to inhibit the gums from sticking. In case of extreme humid conditions, the gums tend to stick to each other. While we work on this, you just have to give the box a brisk shake before opening the box.

How to make sure that the gums don’t spill out from the boxes? What is the best way to handle Gud Gum?

Store the gums in a cool and dry place. Most importantly don’t leave the box open. In case of the paper box packaging, make sure you close the box as intended and do not
fold the flap inside the box.

Do you take bulk orders for gifting & corporates?

We're super happy to get people to make the #GudMove. The more the merrier. Please write to us on for all bulk requirements. We can also do custom packaging!