4 reasons why chewing gum should be your backpack essential!

4 reasons why chewing gum should be your backpack essential!

"You do it mindlessly, but this little action has a host of benefits".

That tiny chewing gum is much more than just a lump of amazing taste. Across the world, people chew gum for a variety of reasons. Here's a quick list of reasons why chewing gum should be a backpack essential!


  • Keep your teeth healthy

As long as it’s sugarless, chewing gum for 20 minutes after you eat can help protect your teeth by removing food debris and increasing your saliva flow. Your saliva strengthens your tooth enamel because it carries phosphate and calcium. It also helps whiten teeth.

Healthy Teeth!


  • Reduces stress

Several studies have shown that chewing gum might help you feel calmer, by reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

Chewing gum reduces stress.


  • Gives you a fresher breath- with that comes confidence!

Sugar-free gum makes your breath nicer, and not just because you might pick a spearmint variety. The saliva your mouth produces when you chew gum can help reduce the effects of dry mouth, which can make breath smell worse.

Gud gum gives great breath.


  • Fight drowsiness

If you struggle to stay alert at work, chewing gum could be the simple solution you’re looking for. One study revealed chewing gum can fight sleepiness. Anything mint flavored is the most effective gum to battle midday yawns.

Chewing gum reduces sleepiness.


 Do you chew gum for any other reasons apart from the ones listed here?

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